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The manga DragonBall by Akira Tokiyama is hugely popular over the world and he has inspired some of the current hugely popular manga artists in Japan. Here are some Dragon Ball illustrations by other artists from the likes of Eiichiro Oda of ‘One Piece’, Tite Kubo of ‘Belach’, Masashi Kishimoto of ‘Naruto’ and others. 17 more pics after the jump.

Dragon Bag Artists 02
Eiichiro Oda (“One Piece”)

Dragon Bag Artists 03
Shin’ya Suzuki (“Mr. Fullswing”)

Dragon Bag Artists 04
Yoshio Sawai (“Bobobobo Bo´bobo”)

Dragon Bag Artists 05
Yuusuke Murata (“Eye Shield 21″)

Dragon Bag Artists 06
Tite (Taito) Kubo (“Bleach”)

Dragon Bag Artists 07
Kentaro Yabuki (“Black Cat”)

Dragon Bag Artists 08
Yasuhiro Kano (“Pretty Face”)

Dragon Bag Artists 09
Mikio Ito (“Normandy Himitsu Club” & “Granada”)

Dragon Bag Artists 10
Nakaba Suzuki (“Rising Impact” & “Ultra Red”)

Dragon Bag Artists 11
Ken’ichi Sakura (“Dragon Drive”)

Dragon Bag Artists 12
Kenjiro Takeshita (“Happy World!”)

Dragon Bag Artists 13
Norihiro Yagi (“Angel Densetsu” & “Claymore”)

Dragon Bag Artists 14
Arina Tanemura (“Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne” & “Full Moon o Sagashite”)

Dragon Bag Artists 15
Ryo Azuki (“Love Wan!”)

Dragon Bag Artists 16
Rikdo Koshi (“Excel Saga”)

Dragon Bag Artists 17
Kota Hirano (“Hellsing”)

Dragon Bag Artists 18
Masashi Kishimoto (“Naruto”)
Source: Daizex


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