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Okay so from what I understand, Kenshido has developed a online education program. Basically what this program does is that, you have an account with Score-A and you can log in to do question papers for subjects thought in schools. It's just like how people used to do questions on revision books, but it's online. Also this web application has a number of features, it does grading for the online exams, sends the scores to the child's parents via SMS and so on.

In my opinion, this online exam thing is nothing beyond what an ordinary Multimedia University (MMU) student from the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) can do for their Final Year Projects.

Kenshido makes money, I guess, through the subscription fee which you have to pay for the Score-A account, which is insanely expensive.

The Business

Alright, now for the business part which is the fishy part.

Normally when a legit company creates this kind of software with the legit intention to improve education while making some profit from it, the company would try to engage the government, schools, tuition centres and parents. They would also sell CDs and DVDs for the account and other apps through prominent bookstores like Popular, MPH and Kinokunia.

However, this Kenshido seems to have taken what I think is an MLM approach for distributing and selling it's Score-A product. As I understand it, this is how it works:

- You invest about RM1780.00 in a 5-account pack of Score-A

- You find 5 people to sell these accounts to for about RM620.00 each, which gives the buyer 6-months validity (only!!)
If you manage to sell all 5, your profit would be: Profit = Revenue - Cost = (RM620.00 x 5) - RM1780 = RM1320
- After 6-months, the buyer will have to buy an extension, which is another RM200++ (yeah... not joking)
- When your buyers pay to extend, you earn commission

Additionally, you can recruit other sellers too, who like you will buy 5-account packs and resell it to others, and you earn commission too when they buy the 5-account packs (I think... not so sure also). And then each of your recruited sellers will recruit more sellers and the pyramid grows la... Apparently the target is to get 14 "generation" or layers of recruits under you, which will apparently help you earn RM1192.00 per day.

The Fishy-ness

1. The pyramid keeps growing at a rapid rate. Not only do you need more sellers, each of these sellers need to sell the accounts to other users (parents of school-children).

2. Since the product is an e-learning, online examination thing, access to computer WITH internet connection is vital. The number of households in Malaysia with school-going children which has a computer with internet connection and parents who are tech-aware is very small compared to the population. Basically, the pie isn't very big, just look at Malaysia's broadband penetration rate, and subtract out all families without school-going children and all families who can't afford about RM800/year on a bunch of online test papers, which you can get in print for like RM12 from Popular.

3. The pricing of the product itself is extremely high for such a simple application. It's unjustifiable for most middle-to-low-income parents to fork out hundreds of Ringgit just for a system that puts exam questions online and lets parents see the results of the child's performance through SMS and other means. It's much better to just buy a few exam question books from Popular Bookstore and let the child do it and mark the questions once the child is done. Also doing it on paper allows for better simulation of a real exam, rather than clicking answers on a screen.

4. For a company that is trying to promote their product in a genuine way, I don't see why they need to resort to MLM methods to promote their product. MLM methods serves only to tarnish the brand name of the product and company.

For the record, Engku Ahmad Fadzil dan Azizi Che Seman is not from JAKIM or Fatwa Council.   They only hired to evaluate and to construct a plan to make this pyramid scheme is based on syariah from Sept 2009 until Februari 2010... Thats it. After that, the dont give a shit  - they're not involved anymore. I dont surprise when I saw this forging certificate because its natural in any MLM companies, its always about forging documents, scientific results, and testimonials.  And anyway... Jason Kok has God on his side.

For the record, I have no problem with the product being sold. It's an education-related product, which if it's up to me, and if I have the money like Carlos Slim Helu, I'll just buy the whole damn company and put everything in the education portal for free for every Malaysian kids to use. Of course, since I'm just a lowly rubber tapper, I really don't have that kind of fulus. The government has lots of money... but what the hey, they've got to pay the politicians their salaries and palaces to upkeep... and I just don't want to talk about hypothetical crap. The product itself is useful for kids, but most likely not for all kids... some kids you just can't change. You can't transform a future candidate mat rempit, into a future well-learned scholar. Or can you? With Score A? Seriously?

Hey... this tuition thingy is that important ha? I, myself had never been to any special tuition class since I was in standard one, apart from what the teachers provided in school when I was in standard 5, before the penilaian, many many years ago. I also never had tuition when I was in secondary school or even at the university... oh, no wonder I failed my exams a few times then ha? All in all, I came out okay from the ordeal I supposed. I just read books and went to classes... most times than not (sapa-sapa yang tahu cite aku kat U, shut-up). Do you all think answering past-year questions via the internet will make our kids today smarter in answering exam papers, and scoring A in all those major exams? I guess that's a YES! With Score A, I'm sure the kids will be excellent exam answering machines... yeehaaa! They can laze around in their own room, under the roof of their own home, no direct sunlight that could darken their skin, no dirt and sweat that will smudge their cloths and no contact with other kids... good meh! Win-win situation. By the way, I also didn't go to kindergarten when I was 6 years old, except for the first week. I wasn't interested in learning one alphabet letter per week I guess. I'd been reading newspaper by then. And my mother said, "suko ati ko la".

Again, the educational stuff is not the issue. You can teach children in many different ways, but please stop saying Score A is the saviour of mankind for one last time baby. That's just plain crap from the donkey's ass. But that assertion arises nonetheless because those hacks need to promote the system to all available bodies that they could catch - even parents who has a 2 year old, or university kids that still wet their beds once a while - because the main issue of Score A has always been... it's a damn bloody "business", man! Score A is always been about the money, and how much of it can be collected by someone, in the shortest possible time, by getting downlines after downlines after downlines (which was against the recommendation of the said PPS, I think), before some of those specific people move away to Vancouver or Hong Kong... or penjara Kajang (well, that is according to my hypothesis). So, how do you get as much money as you can get from the biz? Do it MLM way la dey! With the PPS certificate bandied around, most think they have God on their side anyway.

To be continued


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