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Okay so from what I understand, Kenshido has developed a online education program. Basically what this program does is that, you have an account with Score-A and you can log in to do question papers for subjects thought in schools. It's just like how people used to do questions on revision books, but it's online. Also this web application has a number of features, it does grading for the online exams, sends the scores to the child's parents via SMS and so on.

"Don't judge people." Three short words, one small phrase...(and one stern voice.) I was told this a few years ago, and this was the best piece of advice i had received in quite a while. It came from a dear friend of mine, yup my best friend. 

By slowly scrolling down from the first photo to the last one, you’ll realize the true power of make-up in the right hands.

I’m not saying the girl in the first photo is ugly, but compared to how she looks covered with all that make up…Let’s just say there’s a chance you’ll be disappointed when you see “the real her” for the first time.

P/S:  Make-up is powerful stuff!

One of the best moment in my life, when we performed together in front of Surau Al Irfaan, Labuan Matriculation College in Feb 2004. You may recognized the vocalist, as the same vocalist for Devotees. Me? I'm just man of the shadow. You're lucky if you spotted me. Anyway, enjoy!

10. The Impala

Supernatural has a certain manly swagger to it, and Dean's beloved Impala exemplifies this. Watching the car roar down the highway is fun enough that I can forgive the fact that when the brothers are pretending to be FBI agents or some other type of government official, the Impala should be a dead giveaway that they are fakes.

Not only is the Impala cool, but it serves as a makeshift home base for the wandering Winchester brothers who have no real home to call their own. And the Impala's hidden compartment of weapons in the trunk is a great asset. It's no wonder Dean was horrified at Sam's attempt to "douche her up" by adding an iPod jack. What is surprising is that the Impala allowed Sam to add the iPod jack in the first place. 

Transformers: The electric-powered Uno III Streetbike - or U3 - can convert itself with the push of a button from a conventional motorbike to unicycle-style machine


Robots in disguise: The Tron style motorcycle leathers are optional

A great song on a great day. Enjoy!

The wanted son of a bitch.

Police have released a photofit of the corrosive liquid splasher.
The photofit was produced based on information from a witness of a possible attempt by the splasher in Jalan Desa Pandan yesterday and other victims.
The witness told police about seeing a man on a black Honda EX5 motorcycle (Plat No. WPV 4963) about to uncap a plastic bottle. The witness said the man fled after realising that he had been spotted. If you happen to spot this animal around, call 999, RakanCop or if you strong enough, you can fire a Kame Hame Ha right to him. And please, tell your sisters, girlfriends, wife (s), colleagues, or any women that you know to be extremely cautious. 

When you think of Facebook the first thing that doesn’t come to mind is work. However as the line between work and social becomes blurred here is a list of 5 ways you can work better using Facebook.

Two guys walking around asking people the same questions they get asked when they sign up to Facebook.

I dont know what to write today. Just listening to  Maeda Aki's - Naishou no kimochi (A secret feeling) over and over again. This song was sung by Aki when she was 13, when her voice's not perfect yet. So, you can hear in the song, at the high pitch, she almost 'hatched' her voice. Anyway, Enjoy!

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