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Forgive me to those that wanting to come here and read me ranting about Air Asia. Ya, I know that there are some incidents that make your heart boil, and you may need to complain a little. Hey, who hasn't.. I've also been gossiping with friends about some of the bad incident with Air Asia. Bout, how slow their check-in service is, how the plane is delayed,the hidden charges and other etc...

Let us ponder for awhile.... Hmmmmm

1) Slow check-in from AirAsia counter service, isn't that because of the tons of boxes and bag some git want to check-in then arguing with the check-in counter bacause it cost them hand and leg to pay.... Why don't that git just sent the stuff through post or airmail (hint:much cheaper)... Or also haven't you heard of web check-in or mobile check-in?

2) Delayed plane, well there are tons of reason a plane is delayed.... It might be because of earlier flight is delayed, traffic jam among the plane to land (ya, for your information there is also traffic among the plane to depart and land), technical problem with the plane etc etc... Well, it's not like they want it to be delayed. That is the worst thing to happen to airline is having plane delayed.. So for us, of delayed more than what 2 or 3 hour we can always claim back from AirAsia don't we... And if there is technical problem with a plane, please, please, please repair it properly, take your time, I certainly don't want to jeorpadize my safety.

3)Why the food always finish fast, why not enough food on board.. That's when our own cleverness come... Just bloody bring your own food (hish, as if they can throw you out of the plane. But be considerate with your neighbour all halal food please) or just reserve it early la when you are buying the ticket first. People! Be more clever!

4) Ranting because AirAsia won't allow you to check-in even if you're late for 10 minutes, then don't complain if the plane is delayed because of gits that don't check-in within the time. Come on! Just come an hour early or do web check-in . For Air Asia it has already been mention over and over again that you are not allowed if you check-in within 45 min before flight...

5) Complaints of hidden charges, or how AirAsia is forcing us to pay for things we don't want. They are a company that is trying to capitalize profit... They are a business!!!! Then become more intelligent than them, before paying them remove the travel insurance, try not to pay using credit card (because of the extra service charge imposed), try not to change your travel plan that you need to change the flight date, buy tickets when there is free seat promotion, etc etc etc etc...

A  pity, because Air Asia garnered a lot of goodwill as the brand that brought cheap no-frills flight to Asia. It now looks like they’re trashing their brand equity with bad service, rescheduling of probably empty flights and stupid services like express boarding. You could almost imagine some marketing consultant named Baldrick cozying up to Black Adder Tony Fernandez with: “I have a cunning plan…”


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