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What are the features that enable something that is considered nasyid nasheed? 

1-Song's theme? 
2-Song's rhythm ? 
4-Musical instruments used? 
5-The way of nasheed artist's interaction?
6-Life of nasheed artist's ? 
7-The intonational? 
9-The recording company?
10-All of the above? 

Forgive me to those that wanting to come here and read me ranting about Air Asia. Ya, I know that there are some incidents that make your heart boil, and you may need to complain a little. Hey, who hasn't.. I've also been gossiping with friends about some of the bad incident with Air Asia. Bout, how slow their check-in service is, how the plane is delayed,the hidden charges and other etc...

Let us ponder for awhile.... Hmmmmm

The recent Earth Hour advertisements exhorted us to turn off the lights in the evening and enjoy a “candle-lit dinner” instead.

SPM - Quantities more important than qualities.

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This is an answer from Answer.com

According to Islamic belief, Allah is the proper name of God, and humble submission to His Will, Divine Ordinances and Commandments is the pivot of the Muslim faith. He is the only God, creator of the universe, and the judge of humankind. He is unique (wahid) and inherently one (ahad), all-merciful and omnipotent.

According to Vincent J. Cornell, the Qur'an also provides a monist image of God by describing the reality as a unified whole, with God being a single concept that would describe or ascribe all existing things: "God is the First and the Last, the Outward and the Inward; God is the Knower of everything (Sura 57:3)

It's may seems funny to toy with people feelings especially when that particular person always failed in his past relationship.

It may seem funny to you, yet offensive to others.

Islamic banking or Islamic finance exists because the religious folks have succesfully inculcated the idea that bank interest is riba and therefore haram. The Quran states clearly that riba is haram but nowhere can we derive the injunction that bank interest is riba. The two are not the same. 
Anyway the religious folks have created ‘islamic finance’ and ‘islamic banking’. To cut a long story short there really is no such thing. Islamic finance and Islamic banking are just arabised versions of conventional banking. There is nothing islamic about it. Neither is there anything un-islamic about conventional banking either.

Now that the year's two biggest tech expos – the Consumer Electronics Show and the Mobile World Congress – are done and dusted, we've got a good idea of what to look forward to over 2011. Time to rewrite your shopping list? 

1 Sony Ericsson Xperia Play
sony ericsson xperia play game
The handset formerly known as the PlayStation phone is a PSP quality handheld console and a high-end Android handset melded in one compact package.

With dedicated controls, (there’s a d-pad, shoulder triggers and keys emblazoned with the time-honoured square, triangle, circle and X), it puts paid to fiddly touchscreen gaming forever. And with 50 games available at launch, including big hitters such as FIFA, Need for Speed and Guitar Hero, there’s plenty to get your teeth into from the get-go.

While the British have been caught red handed with a small contingent of military sneaking into Libya, the US continues to build up and get prepared for a military intervention as well. 

One has to wonder why? The administration would argue that military intervention might be needed to protect the people of Libya; despite the rebels having made it abundantly clear on many recent occasions they do not want, or need outside intervention.

On Friday morning, an unprecedented earthquake struck the island nation of Japan, bringing with it a massive tsunami wave reaching as far across the Pacific as South and North America.

This is a tragedy on an epic scale, which the world is grappling to come to terms with. Even at the time of writing, there are fears that more aftershocks will hit the coastlines of Japan in the coming days or weeks. This is the fifth most destructive earthquake in recorded history. Relief organizations both within and outside Japan are scrambling to recover from the shock, in preparation for the arduous task of sending support to the people of Japan.

Have you ever thought something was going to happen just because its what you thought you deserved?

Or that somebody else knew something because you knew it?

“Yes, I have, Herwan. What’s the big deal? Everybody does it.”

Here’s the big deal.

Firesheep sniffs out and steals cookies—and the account and identity of the owner in the process—of popular web sites (like Facebook and Twitter) from the browsing sessions of other users on the Wi-Fi hotspot you're attached to.

1. Sharing on Facebook

Account > Privacy Settings > Sharing on Facebook

Controlling how you share content is quite complex and will probably make your head hurt, but it’s essential that you take a good look at the settings and decide for yourself what you want to share and with whom. Facebook gives you the easy way out: You can share content with Everyone, Friends of Friends, or Friends only. However, if you’re using lists (see item number eight on this list), you might want to customize the settings and set a certain type of content to be visible to the people on some of your lists, and invisible to others. For example, only my close friends can see all my photos, while business associates can see just a few. It’s important to note the “Preview my Profile” option which lets you see your profile as someone else would. Setting all the options just right can sometimes be tricky. When in doubt, defer to this option.

Before you rush out and buy that ultrathin MacBook Air, take a look at the Samsung Series 9 Notebook that will begin gracing store shelves starting Thursday.

Too many Americans hold dangerous misconceptions about the defining conflict in the Middle East.

The Israeli occupation of the West Bank and blockade of Gaza goes on, seemingly without end. Israeli troops continue to kill innocent Palestinians. The United States arms Israel to the tune of $3 billion a year or more. And most progressives talk as if there's not a thing anyone can do about it.
This sorry state of affairs persists because so many wrong ideas about the conflict are widely held here. Here are eight of the worst distortions in our discourse.

What does an average Asian woman look like? Here’s your answer and a whole lot more, where thousands of faces have been averaged into a composite face for each of 41 different countries.

Loading facebook

MALAYSIA – Facebook is loading slow after the Japan earthquake? It is because the submarine telecommunications cable system has been affected by the disaster. Here you will learn how to re-route your Facebook connection to Malaysia hosted Facebook proxy server for faster loading speed.

When people asking me how i will comment on Maxis. Only 1 comment I can give…”Maxis Suck

... and life has changed a lot.

Actually, there's a little bit too much life right now, so to say. I've a few things that I have to finish and release, and it's taking some time and a lot of energy, and meanwhile, the universe is regularly poking at me with new possibilities, new situations to be aware of, take care of and integrate somehow. I've opened up a lot to life, and it seems like life is pouring into me relentlessly, and there are moments when I wonder when enough will be enough and I will have to close myself a little, and at the same time, I really don't want to go there.

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